How to Install Haxe, NME and MonoDevelop

If you’d like to try Haxe or NME, here’s some steps to get you started.

First, go to and get the latest installer for your current platform.

NME will install Haxe for you. If you are using Windows, you should check out the excellent FlashDevelop code editor for developing Haxe and NME projects. If you are running Linux or Mac OS X, you may want to try MonoDevelop instead. It is the editor I have been using on Linux, and I have been very happy with it so far.

You install MonoDevelop by going to, or by installing “monodevelop” using a package manager. If you are running an older version of Ubuntu (or another distribution) which does not have MonoDevelop 2.8 or greater available, you might be able to download and install a Debian package, find an unofficial package of MonoDevelop 2.8, upgrade or compile from the source.

With MonoDevelop 2.8 installed, go to the “Add-in Manager” from the tools or application menu. Go to the “Gallery” tab, expand the “Language bindings” section and install the Haxe Language Binding add-in. This extends MonoDevelop to support NME and Haxe projects.

If you would like to help improve the add-in, you can clone the source:

Create a symlink for “/bin/debug/MonoDevelop.HaxeBinding.dll” so it is available from “~/.local/share/MonoDevelop-2.8/LocalInstall/Addins” on Linux or “~/Library/Application Support/MonoDevelop-2.8/LocalInstall/Addins” on OS X.

If you experience any issues while using the Haxe Language Binding add-in, or have improvements you would like to share, please visit GitHub.

Now, why don’t you try and create a new project? These are some posts to help introduce you to some of the projects you can create:

  • acromm

    Hi Joshua, great work! 
    On OSX I had problems finding /Addins directory for the first time I installed MonoDevelop. You need to install some Add-in before to have that directory structure created.

    thanks for this add-in!

  • Good point 🙂

    I updated the post to note that you’ll probably have to create the /LocalInstall/Addins directories yourself. Glad you like it! You’re welcome

  • Dinko

    Hi Joshua,
    I tried the adding on win7 32bit with MonoDevelop and experienced lots of exceptions
    and one freeze crash.
    I dumped the exception infos in the github issues page.

    Many thanks for tremendous efforts!

  • Егор Харват

    That’s just awesome.
    Tried on linux just now.
    Great work.

  • Oohazard

    Hi, just tried on Arch linux and I don’t know how to setup MonoDevelop to run flash when debugging

    In Flash Develop you can set a remote debug (so that it listen for any flahs player) but in MonoDevelop it seems thta it does not wait and return directly

    Any ideas?

  • Oohazard

    I found out using this

    but it does not debug it. I guess that is not yet supported ?

    On thta note, is there any plan to support haxeNode to be able to debug js code though haxe code (as it does in flash>?

    Thanks for the good work!

  • Yeah, you can do release builds or debug builds right now, but the add-in does not host the Flash debugger. If I have time to focus on debugging, I will try to integrate C++ debugging support. MonoDevelop already supports C/C++ debugging for standard C projects, and it could be really useful for working with NME.

  • Shoelick

    No completion on win64 net 4.0  whatsoever.

    Also Options -> Other -> Haxe trows a lengthy error

  • Thanks for all great job!

  • ex

    I tried on MacOSX with latest MonoDevelop, there was no Haxe bindings on Gallery (there is nothing by the way)
    There is an option to install from file and to add another repository of addons, any help?

  • The approved add-ins for MonoDevelop 3.0 do not appear in the Add-in Manager yet, for some reason.

    However, there is an “install from file” option you should be able to use with this package:

  • Josu Igoa


    In first place, congratulations Joshua, because NME is awsome and if we can develop in linux like in Windows it is still better 😉

    I installed MonoDevelop 2.8 in ubuntu 12.04 and I can’t install the add-ins because it says it has package dependencies that I haven’t installed. I think they are “Core v3.0”, “SourceEditor2 v3.0” and another one. I’ve been looking for them in the software central and the Internet, but there was no luck.

    what can I do?

  • Sorry about that! It sounds like it is pulling down the latest version.

    Check out this page, you might be able to download and install an older version manually:

    Otherwise there is a PPA I used to install MonoDevelop 3.0 on Ubuntu

  • Josu Igoa

     Thank you Joshua, but I tried it and it says the same thing, even when I install from file v0.2 it says I am trying to install “Haxe binding 0.3.1”.

    It doesn’t matter, maybe is my ooooold computer, I’ll wait until MonoDevelop 3.0 binaries are release to give it another try

    Thanks again!

  • Guest

    Hi Josh,

    Thanks for all your work on the haxe libraries and spritesheet.

    I’m having issues buliding a simple spritesheet animation. I have the spritesheet library installed via Terminal (running MacOS). I manually installed the library definitions, but I am getting this error: “Class not found- import com.eclecticdesignstudio.spritesheet.AnimatedSprite”

    Any ideas?

    Another Josh

  • SpaceDuck

    Hi, Josh.
    I have a trouble with binding, I’m a newbie with haxe, I needs your help.

    My system is below :
    – osx 10.6.8
    – nme 3.5.5
    – haxe 2.1.0
    – monoDevelop 2.8.2 & xamarin 4.1.0

    On monoDevelop, I can find haxebinding 0.4 in addin menu, but can not install it. The error message is for dependency with Core v3.0, IDE v3.0, Editor v3.0. I tried to install from file – haxebinding v0.2.2, v0.4, still got same error.

    On xamarin, I can not even find haxebinding in addin menu. I tried to install from file and got error for dependency with Core v3.0, IDE v3.0.

    Should I get .dll files menually?(I didn’t find it on github TT)
    Should I get other version of monoDevelop or xamarin?
    Should I do something after installing nme and haxe??

    I would really glad if you help me.

  • There have been problems with version updates, but Xamarin failing to roll-over add-ins that were still supported. I wouldn’t expect the add-in to work with MonoDevelop 4, but I had it working on 2.8 and then 3.0

    You should be able to find a list of add-in builds here:

    If you are on 2.8, I would try the newer builds listed under 2.8, and go down to an older one if the newer one doesn’t run for some reason

  • Thank you for your reply.

    And after all, I solved it by finding MD 3.0 luckily.
    Your addin 0.4 works, obviously.
    I thinks my problem was using MD 2.8 – unity version, not just MD 2.8.

    Thank you again,
    and I gotta go look around Haxe. Yay : D

    – SpaceDuck –

  • MatthewWallace

    This is awesome.