Changes in the Lime Repository

As I previously discussed, we have decided to collaborate with the NME project, in order to build an even more stable, feature-rich shared C++ codebase for both projects.

Over the past couple weeks we have been migrating improvements, adapting the build process and preparing for the next release, which uses the unified codebase and targets HXCPP by default. As a user of Lime or OpenFL, nothing should change, except for the improvements we have all been making in the project.

If you are building Lime from the source, or are contributing to the project, you will want to know that there are shifts in how the repositories are configured. You will want to “nme” and “nme-dev” checked out from the source in addition to “lime”:

git clone
git clone
git clone
haxelib dev lime lime
haxelib dev nme nme
haxelib dev nme-dev nme-dev

Until the first release we make from the unified codebase, you may need to also use “openfl”, “openfl-native” and “lime-tools” from the source (if you do not do so already).

You can also use “haxelib git” if you prefer, though I find it more difficult to manage GIT repositories that way. If you are using the latest “lime-tools”, the “lime upgrade openfl” command will automatically pull each of the dependency libraries for you, simplifying an update 🙂

Soon we plan to release beta versions of Lime and OpenFL using the new architecture to get your help in being sure its ready for release. If you are using the source, you can also provide your feedback, positive or negative, it will be incredibly helpful!

We apologize if this makes it difficult to contribute back changes or improvements you have made. If you are able to create a diff against a specific version of Lime, but are not able to do a pull request, please share it! We can also help to personally navigate the differences in order to make sure that your code gets included, and we all move forward together.

Let me know if you have any questions or concerns, there are many things we believe are making the codebase even stronger for the future, and will be sharing more when we reach the next release.

  • Cool! Finally I was able to successfully build lime with the latest haxe and hxcpp!

  • I’m new to Haxe,Openfl..etc and so far my experience is great, thanks for making all these tools!

  • Gayathri Murali

    Hi Joshua,

    I am trying to rebuild OpenFL for Android x86 platform. I would like to commit this back to master branch so that when someone downloads openfl, they get x86 libs too. I am running into issues when i try to execute “lime rebuild android -x86”. The error is ANDROID_NDK_ROOT not found, but i set up the variable multiple times. I am not sure if i am doing this right. Can you please help?