Making Video Games with My Kids (Ages 2 and 5)

“This way, we can divide and conquer.”

Deborah and I love our kids, but sometimes they have a hard time with long trips. This last week I have been off work for the holidays, so we’ve been enjoying the chance to relax, spend more time together, and get out more. With as much as I have been driving lately, I did not feel up to another day trip yesterday. My wife found a fun local zoo that is a wildlife sanctuary for the area. As a result, instead of the traditional lions and giraffes, they have a great number of local animals like wild turkeys, foxes, coyotes, deer and mountain lions. It sounded like fun, but long trips can be exhausting if we all try to go together.

My mother-in-law is visiting, so they went with Caleb (who is currently 3 and a half) for an adventure at the zoo. I stayed home with Elisha and Lucy, promising that we would have an adventure of our own. At first I expected to take them for a walk, or go to the river, but we ended up building a video game instead. Continue reading Making Video Games with My Kids (Ages 2 and 5)

Smoothies (“Crackers”)

Tonight I decided:

It was time for smoothies.

I’ve been on and off feeling terrible, and I know its my diet. So I decided that the kids and I would have smoothies.

We hopped in the car and started our way towards Jamba Juice.

“What kind of smoothie would you guys like?” I asked. “Pomegranate, peach, or mango?”

“O-meal,” said the first. “Crackers!” said the second.

“Guys, those aren’t smoothies! How about mango? Don’t you think a mango smoothie would be good?” I asked, hoping to redirect their focus.

“Mango, ah, mango!” said the first. “Crackers!” repeated the second. Continue reading Smoothies (“Crackers”)