How to Create an NME Extension

One of the things that I love about NME is that it is easy to extend. Unfortunately, there is not much documentation on the subject, so I want to take a few minutes to help describe what you can do with an NME extension, and how to create one. Trust me, it is not difficult.


Beginning with NME 3.2, all you need to make an extension is add a file called “include.nmml.” This file is processed just like an ordinary NMML project file, with the exception that paths are relative to where your extension is located.

For example, in the “Test” extension I have created, this is my “include.nmml” file:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
	<ndll name="test" />
	<java path="project/android" />

You could include assets, defines, haxelib dependencies, NDLL references, Java code… practically anything you can define from an ordinary NMML project file for NME, you can define using your extension. Continue reading How to Create an NME Extension