June 05, 2008

Well, it seems that managing priorities has again gotten out of hand. Perhaps Deborah is right and I do try to do too much, or maybe we are in the wrong place. There’s a part of me that believes that we can have the things we strive for but not by our own strength. I realize that now.

For the months or years I’ve tried, I’ve seen that my efforts don’t amount to the successes we need — even in what would seem to be normal, or common.

God, I feel that I need you so badly. How can I be the leader I need to be without having you lead me first? I can’t offer Deborah life and vision when I’m lacking it. I feel that Deborah and Elisha are waiting for me to rise up and begin walking in my identity as a strength and leadership figure. You talked about teachers who were “the blind leading the blind.” Am I among them?

I must have you.

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Written by Joshua Granick. Lover of all things cute and quirky. Writer, speaker and empathetic problem solver.

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