You Are Special As You Are

May 24, 2022

There is one thing in the world that is completely, entirely, utterly unique.


They broke the mold. There has never been someone just like you before. You are special. You are quality. You are a quality person. You are funny, quirky, passionate, strong and inspired with a character as unique as your fingerprints.

Do you realize that?

Everything you think, feel and do brings glory to your Father. You were created on purpose, with intention, in the marvelous generosity and cleverness of a penultimate artist and master engineer.

You were created to be…


Isn’t that funny? Did you expect something else?

How much effort does it take to be you? Is your greatness something you buy in a store? Is your beauty something you put on in the morning, and take off at night? Is your power based in a job title or a blue ribbon?

Being yourself is natural. It is organic. It is intuitive and felt.

Listen to the birds, and watch how naturally they sing, and twirl and perch. Watch a dog, and see how much joy they derive from running and chasing.

"Let dogs delight to bark and bite, for God hath made them so."

Isaac Watts

You are deeply loved, and deeply special.

Just as you are.

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Written by Joshua Granick. Lover of all things cute and quirky. Writer, speaker and empathetic problem solver.

©2022 Joshua Granick. All rights reserved.